March 13, 2018

Exclusive glassware gifts

We have recently added a range of exclusive European glassware to our product line.

HA3066 - whisky glass with cooling gel


260ml Whisky Glass with removable gel filled cartridge.  This elegant glass will keep your drinks cold (or warm) for up to 1 hour. Available individually or as a gift set.

HA3067 - Whisky glass

Exclusive whisky glass. Gold, silver, platinum, copper plating options on the rim or on the stem. Available as individual item or as an exclusive gift set.

HA3068 - Whisky set

Exclusive whisky set with 6 whisky glasses

HA3069 - Beer Glass Football

Football (soccer ball) shaped beer glass – great gift at the world cup year!

HS3071 - 9Dragons beer glass


Elegant beer glass – great gift for beer lovers. Made in Germany, 0.5l volume.

3070 - Puzzle bowls


3070 - Puzzle bowls


Puzzle shaped bowls – great fitting piece of puzzle. Each piece fits to the next. Great for food displays on buffet tables or parties. Available also as gift sets.

For more information on our glassware and other promotional products please contact our sales department.

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